Character Creation rules

When rolling stats, roll 4d6 and drop the lowest, do this 7 times and drop the lowest score.  All characters start at level 1, if you are a lower level than the party come prepared to level at an accelerated rate. 

OP character sheets can't be easily printed, if you'd like just use any pdf and provide a link to google drive or something similar.  Another option is PathBuilder app for android, you can export the sheet as a pdf to print or put on google drive.  Some placeholder on OP characters section is needed and make sure the DM gets to see your sheet prior to game day.  Having a character on the portal before the day of your first session will get you a random magic item.

Pathfinder SRD

Anything from Pazio is allowed exception anything from Occult Classes, and all third party is off limits.

Keep in mind that much of this campaign will take place in the wilderness, with some dungeoneering.  This will not be an urban settings.

Races: All allowed from the core SRD with the following exceptions based on the world, DM can approve other races to be added to this list:
    Half-Orcs and Orcs are native to the new world, and natives are the only races that can have knowledge local as a class skill.

    Tiefling:  Can be native to the New World, or a human who's heritage awoke on arrival to the New World.

    Merlock: Only native to New World 

   Elves can be Old world or New world native, New World elves are wild elves(Can't take any urban traits).


Knowledge local can only be class skills for native races, once a non-native PC reaches 8th level the skill can be a class skill again.


PC's start with Old World Common.  Each PC can learn other languages as they are exposed to them in the new world, but in the old world everyone just speaks common.  Locals races can take old world common, since they have had some interaction with the settlement already, but start with New World Common and can having bonus languages as normal.


PC's may start with 1 trait or 2 traits and a drawback.  This is optional, try to use this to help flesh out your character. 

There are also some unique options for Religions in the new world.

Character Creation rules

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