Into the New World

Session 1

That's no wolf....

Here are some of the highlights from the session 1 summaries written by players:

~New World Diary of Jaera Roren, First Excursion~

Today I responded to a poster advertising a bounty for anyone willing to hunt down wolves killing cows in the herds of farmers in the countryside. When I arrived at the small tavern, I noted a map of the surrounding countryside, next to which were carved the initials


I’ve recored these for later – a mystery to look into alone, for I dare not trust anyone yet.

Others also responded to the bounty, people I fought alongside today.

Surogg, a large orc with a cloak who nevertheless showed up out of nowhere and later proved often how his skillset allowed him to sneak into and out of the shadows seemingly at a whim. I will need to keep track of him, for I do not wish to be surprised.

Nathan, a fighter who later protected me. More about this one later, but suffice it to say that for now I believe he isn’t the greatest parent, but he’s undeniably an excellent guardian.

Ulriah, whose shadow seemed to melt away at times. I do not trust him in the slightest and know little more about him. I will need to watch him carefully and feel unnerved while he is near.

Finally, Albanos, an elderly old man who seems to fall asleep easily, even in the middle of a hike. While his magical talent outclasses even mine, he is quite slow and frail.

And me, Jaera, water caster, forest protector, and friend to all creatures. I chose to investigate these wolves in hopes of saving them rather than putting them down like most would have.

The town marshall who posted the bounty gave us a general location of the farms affected by wolves and off we went.

Along the road, we happened upon a pair of giant rats. While I was stil attempting to communicate with them and extend my offer of friendship, calming them in the process, Albanos decided to…pet them. I have met a fellow friend to the animals of the woods! The rats didn’t seem to enjoy the gesture of friendship, though, so we were forced to fight them off. I worry about the creatures in this new land, for they are quite vicious!


Nonny recapping the events of the last two days to his wife

We went straight to the farms from the tavern to ask around about what was going on. that led us to a bit of a red herring, a group of people who left the city and set up a very small fort several miles away. They seem terrified of the city for some reason, but otherwise they are good people. I may have threatened them a bit, but they didn’t take it personally. They let us stay with them for the night, and we were able to see the real culprits, a pack of weird corrupted wolves.

We followed them back to their den, and on the way somehow our son must have followed me. I was able to protect him, and I know there isn’t much we can do, but I hope we can convince him how dangerous it is out there and keep him from running off in the future.




 Dealing with wolves after action report from Tolman Thistlecloak
Squad composition: Tolman Thistlecloak, Jaera Roren, Nathan “Nonny” Terghif, Albanos Hopbern, Surrog
Primary Objective: Find out why ranchers cattle are being killed and put a stop to it.
Resolution: Primary objective completed
4 encounters with hostile forces
4 Alllies wounded, 0 casualties

Encounter 4: 4 shadow wolves, 1 wolfmother
Resolution: 4 shadow wolves killed, 1 wolfmother routed, 4 allies wounded
Description: 2 shadow wolves are sleeping at the entrance to a cave. We hear some commotion further into the cave. I creep forward and line up a shot on the sleeping wolf, its too easy. Surogg dispatches the other one with a quick flurry of his two swords, while my arrow strikes true, slaying the beast before it cries out. However, we didn’t watch our perimeter and two shadow wolves jumped Jaera, but Nonny jumped in to defend her and was badly wounded. Surogg was wounded coming up to support Nonny, and Jaera was bitten before she managed to retreat and miss another net. We were able to dispatch the last two wolves in a close fight when suddenly a bigger, badder, shadow wolf emerged from the cave shortly after the screaming inside came to a stop. Albanos stepped up to cast some sort of magic at it, but was badly mauled and fell to the ground before he was finally able to produces some flashing light that seemed to stun the wolf in its tracks. In a few seconds we managed to inflict several grievous wounds, at which point it looked at me, bowed in defeat and seemed to fold in on itself and disappear.


Albanous’ First Adventure

The group managed to make the beast flee though not before it gave some type of knowing bow to Ulriah, not sure what happened there. We then went to explore the cave. Inside we found some type of ritual was being performed at an alter to summon something. The druid seemed to manage to disrupt the ritual, though we didn’t get there before a teenaged person was sacrificed. This seems like a place a cleric should visit and sanctify to make sure nothing evil happens here again. Inside we found a few items and a decent amount of coins in this cave, as well as a map with 2 x’s marked on it, but no descriptors besides that, it may be a treasure map of some sort.

I feel very sore now, and it’ll take some time to heal, but this was the most alive I’ve ever felt. I cannot wait to go back out there.



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