Jaera Roren

Shy, Independent Tree Hugger - Wants to find out what's plaguing this new continent


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Jaera was born royalty to a minor lord and lady in an elven town in the old world. She lived peacefully for a time, roaming through the vast forests outside her town. Her father taught her how to commune with nature and her mother taught her how to use her natural spellcasting talent to help grow the forest and town.

This perfect life ended suddenly when a rival, powerful elven kingdom invaded.

As the enemy closed, her parents led her into the forest and stood against the invading force in a last-ditch effort to protect their people. Jaera ran, but not fast enough. The conquerors were on top of her until she dove into a river, desperate to escape. The water carried her safely away and she quickly learned to fish and swim as though until they were second nature.

Jaera recovered and grew stronger, staying to the forests for years at a time and cleansing rivers, lakes, and streams whenever they suffered. She grew closer to the god that saved her, Ithreia – god of the water, and relied on her for life and growth, eventually preferring the flow of the current and the speed of the aquatic creatures to the stillness of the land and boring lives of the animals who lived there.

Still, she hurt for her fallen family and people and wished for a way to establish a new home for them and restore her family’s legacy. During one of her rare trips to an established town, she heard of a new continent to be explored, full of wilderness and light on civilization.

She made the difficult decision to travel to this world, with a dream to establish a series of towns coexistent with nature, and alongside roaring rivers and beautiful lakes. She wishes to protect the wilderness of the new continent from those that would seek to rule it; instead recreating the elven community she knew as chilld.

Jaera Roren

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